You Found Your Dream Career. Now go get it!

You Found Your Dream Career. Now go get it!

Have you ever endured that helpless feeling of applying for a job then days, weeks, months go by without even hearing a simple, “thanks for your application”? All of a sudden you find yourself nestled into the black hole that plagues most inefficient recruiting processes. Guess what, you’re in luck. People are more available than they’ve ever been, and you have the power to do something about it.

The one overarching rule you need to know is really quite simple. It can be summed up in one word – proactive. Trust me, there’s no shame in what may feel presumptuous but really takes on the form of initiative. In fact, managers prefer to see this.

The black hole of job portals is real, people! Waiting around to hear from an HR representative because your buzz wordy resume sounded off the alarms is the single worst strategy you can use…that is if you want the job.
Alright, so how do you become proactive? Do your research, then do the work.

Who do you know? Start smart.

  1.  Find people close to you who are at or have connections into the organization. Get in touch with them.
  2. If you haven’t found the value in strong professional connections at this point in your career, it’s never too late. Join meetup groups, LinkedIn groups, or any other powerful form of meeting others. You can help them and in turn they can help you. If networking is daunting, hit up the YPM Win-Win Networking Workshop.
  3.  Figure out who the hiring team is and reach out directly.  LinkedIn is a massively useful tool for this. Message them expressing your interest in the company. Don’t be shy to ask for a few minutes of their time for an informational meeting. Lay the foundation and position yourself as valued prospect.
  4.  – If all of the above yield no results, then it’s time to kick it into high gear. After all, you want the job, right? Get at the company on their social outlets. Social Media Managers hold engagement with followers near and dear to their strategy. Tweet, hashtag, direct message, tag, snap, do whatever it takes to get a response, just don’t troll them…that’s not cool.

Pro Tip: Do all of them!

Points of contact identified, engagement established, now what?
Get a meeting and buy them coffee, lunch, or drinks (if you really want them to start talking). Pick their brain for as much information as possible, knowledge is power. Then if the feeling is right, ask them who the next best contact would be for the role and kindly request an introduction. For the most part, people like helping people, it’s human nature.

Executing any one of these steps will greatly increase your chances of getting the career you so deeply desire. Effective recruiting is taking on a much more social approach. If it feels “weird” and out of the box then you know you’re doing it right. If you truly want something then get out of your comfort zone and get it. Don’t leave your ambitions up to someone else to complete.

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