Be More Attractive – Part 1

Be More Attractive - Part 1

It’s the battle we fought as adolescents and it’s the battle carried over to business. How can I be more attractive? The good news for businesses – we have control over enhancing our attractiveness. The bad news for adolescents – life, pimples, bullies, and puberty you don’t have much control over.

The economy is good, people are employed, the holidays are right around the corner. It’s a happy time of year. This is all amazing and I wouldn’t want it any other way, but it doesn’t change companies need to continually be recruiting. The former variables make it that much more difficult to attract the talent needed to drive business forward. It’s no longer just HR’s responsibility to lead people operations, culture, and talent. It’s now, more than ever, on companies as a whole to verify they are doing EVERYTHING to ensure attraction and closing of future employees. That means marrying Marketing, HR, and all people involved. Bring them together as a unified force to conquer recruiting.

There’s a plethora of tactics and strategies to deploy to make your business more attractive to the right people. I’m going to suggest three that you can act on immediately.

Expose yourself

Keep your pants on, expose what makes your business amazing.¬†One of the biggest barriers for candidates in the decision making process is truly understanding what they are getting themselves in to. If you don’t make it easy to find, it most likely never will. Be aware of the multiple accolades your company qualifies for. Are you a top place to work? Apply to be on Star Tribune’s Top Work Places of 2017. If you’re crushing growth, see if you qualify for the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Every industry has their specific awards and accolades. Figure out what they are and collect a few to put in the arsenal.

Once you’ve attained this level of performance advertise them on your website, put them in job descriptions, speak to them during interviews, and show them off on social media.¬†These awards are really appealing to prospects. It gives them a taste of the health of your company and what they can expect if they come to work with you.

Social Strategy Centered by Recruiting

At this point most businesses who take themselves seriously have a social media presence of some sort. With new marketing techniques always being invented there’s new stuff to try regularly. What works for one company might not work for yours. Do your research, try some things and see what works for you. With that, it is crucial to have a strategy, and a healthy percentage of that strategy should be related to recruitment.

Social strategy centered by recruiting doesn’t mean inundating your audience with job advertisements and descriptions. That’s a good way to lose friends. Highlight your people, culture, and what makes your place of business great. Integrate into your strategy an employee of the month, share the welcoming of new employees, contest winners, holiday parties, new office build outs or change in office space. Content that shows appreciation for employees always makes people interested in what you have cooking. Make this content image and video focused, you will get more eye balls on it.

Build a Magnetic Tribe

People are every businesses most powerful tool. Create a magnetic tribe to champion your brand. If employees are individual brand ambassadors then a good chunk of the heavy lifting will be taken care of.

Entice employees to share company social media updates, this is directly tied to your social recruiting strategy. The more employees who share, the larger organic reach, which means money stays in your pocket to avoid advertising fees. Prospects see employee engagement as a sign of happiness, a solid culture, and something they could probably get behind.

Coach your interviewing teams on how to “sell” your company. Get them to talk about their positive experiences, why they like the organization, how they feel working there, and/or what the organization does to support their growth. Provide candidates a taste of what a “day in the life” of their future role will look like. If prospects have a bad experience with your people they will have bad associations. This will make their decision verrryyy easy. Make it a priority to prep your people on how to provide an exceptional experience – it will go a very long way.

If you take the time to become extremely effective with these three strategies, your attractiveness will sky rocket to new levels. You’ll no longer be the acne prone smelly teenager no one wants to be around. This isn’t the cure to all of your recruiting woes, but you will definitely see significant change in your ability to close on the people you need.

Stay tuned for the second part of this series: Retention.